Industrial Internship/ National Level Internship Program (NLIP)

Preamble: We the people of India are second largest in numbers, interestingly 65% of our population is below the age of 35. There lies great potential, provided this human capital we have is skilful and ready to serve the industry. Needless to mention that besides serving our Nation we Indians can serve the entire world. At one end we have this demographic dividend and at other end we have great challenge to make these huge numbers skilful and ready to serve the emerging requirements. A large section of this population goes for pursuing engineering education in different disciplines. The major challenge faced by Engineering institutions across India is to Match the industry expectations and the academic inputs they are providing to students. This mismatch leads to lesser lobs for Engineering students.

In this context, to resolve this major issue AICTE has already introduced a compulsory industry internship for all engineering students. This is certainly a very good initiative and would help in bridging the Gap between industry and academia.

CIDC had been advising and participating with AICTE and The Planning Commission for bringing in these much-needed reforms. AICTE has urged CIDC to mentor Engineering Institutes to fully embrace the reforms and develop the system of academia industry associations and implementation of 06 months of internship.

Internship through CIDC: CIDC has designed special modular internship programs offered online and on physical mode. The implementation of recommended 06 months of internship is at a very nascent stage and institutes are yet to decide the appropriate schedule and allocate students accordingly. They are yet to frame guidelines about their role in mentoring and monitoring of internship, building relationship with industry and convince them to absorb their students for 06 months.

CIDC has been deliberating on internship and employment issues of students from quite some time and it is understood that only 06 month of compulsory internship would not suffice. The students need industry exposure right from the day they join engineering college therefore A scheme has been devised and named as CIDC- National Register of Interns (CIDC-NRI).

CIDC-National Register of Interns (CIDC-NRI)

It is recommended that all engineering students should register in this scheme at the time of their initial 15 days of orientation at college. The registered students will be mentored by CIDC nominated industry experts/ industries from time to time all through 04 years of their program. The major benefits of CIDC-NRI are enumerated below:

1. The students would be counselled about relevance of their education in industry.
2. Opportunity of attending multiple conference, seminars and workshops of relevance.
3. Field/ Industry visits.
4. Opportunity to witness the process of vendor enlistment.
5. Opportunity to participate in research and development activities as per industry requirements.
6. Career counselling
7. Promoting start up culture amongst the aspiring students.
8. Opportunities in International exchange programs
9. Selected students would get opportunity for Vishwakarma Award evaluation process.
10. Round the clock technical fest would be organised.
11. Handholding in improving interpersonal skills.
12. Participation in skill ecosystem handled by CIDC.

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