National Level Internship Program (NLIP)

The current pandemic is biggest crisis being faced by our generation. It has also impacted social, cultural and economic system and thinking of our society. One of the most important and essential activity that is education has been affected very badly. Most of the schools and colleges are closed from last 14 months and complete education has been shifted to online mode of delivery which could not address the need of professional courses. Before COVID 19 situation, no one could appreciate that a learner can get the credit of learning in swimming in sitting the room without going to the river and pond. The lab requirements and field exposure are the foundation of the professional courses. In this context, Construction Industry Development Council (Established by the Planning Commission, Government of India) which pioneered the training programs in the Construction Industry and bridged the gap between Industry and Academia is offering a national level internship program for engineering students.

CIDC has come up with a plan to organise learning courses for engineering students, young faculties and professionals on the most needed but not properly covered areas and topics. These courses will contain the distance learning modules and then industry-oriented training depending on the situation of COVID 19. CIDC will prefer only those courses which have been asked by the Industry. The Industry experts will join in the course delivery and Industry oriented training.

Association with AICTE:

The All India Council of Technical Education, New Delhi has issued a directive on 15.07.2021 (copy is attached herewith for quick reference) to all AICTE approved Universities/ Colleges/ Institutions to meet their internship obligations in line with the Internship Policy of AICTE in association with CIDC.

Industry Interaction Model:

CIDC has identified the niche areas where students are required to gain proper knowledge and develop their abilities to work effectively. As example, we may consider several courses for Civil Engineering students, faculties and professionals. Similarly, the demanding courses have been prepared for other branches. During the course the essential topics like quality assurance, skill assessment, billing, site accountancy etc. will also be taught.

The experts from Industry will be actively involved in all the stages of the courses. The teaching shall be done by industry experts

CIDC also proposes that the students shall be evaluated jointly by the CIDC and Institute/ University to gauge their learning on each topic and collaborative Institute/ University may consider awarding suitable credit points for each session. This will not only ensure serious participation but also form part of fulfilling the formal course requirements.

The series of such interactive courses would provide great learning opportunity and also opportunity to network with senior industry experts that may be very helpful in searching a better placement.

The students of all branches are eligible.


1. GIS and Remote Sensing,
2. Modern Concrete Technology,
3. Health Audit and Retrofitting of Structures,
4. Arbitration and Contract Interpretation
5. Introduction to Trenchless Technology,
6. Quantity Surveying & Billing,
7. Project Management & Project Planning,
8. Industry Oriented Foundation Course for Electrical Engineer,
9. Industry Oriented Foundation Course for Mechanical Engineer,
10. Security Audit of IT Infrastructures,

Course Allotment:

The course will be finalised by the Committee based on the interest and previous knowledge and skill of the student and the availability of seats.

Some higher-level courses may be required completion of internship on other basic courses related to the course. The internship in these higher courses only be allowed after completion the required basic courses.


One assignment for each session will be given. The assignment will be MCQ. The other assessment system may also be decided by the Coarse Coordinator.

The completion certificate shall only be issued to the successful interns.

(For successful completion of the intern and to get certificate, the required Minimum attendance is 80% of the total duration of the sessions and the required Minimum Score in Assignments is 70% of the total marks). The awarded grades for successful interns will be GRADE A and GRADE B depending on the internal assessment system based on the attendance, marks, behaviour, and attitude.

The option of re-joining in the next batch is available for unsuccessful interns after paying the applicable full fee.

The decision of the CIDC Assessment Committee shall be acceptable by all.

Batch Schedule:


(i) New batches will start from the 7th DAY of each month.

(ii) The duration of the batch will be one month.

(iii) The registration made from 1st to last day of the month will be considered for the coming month's batch

(iv) In ONLINE mode, two sessions, each of 90 to 120 minutes, per week will be taken. The preferred time is from 03.00 pm to 06.00 pm. The assignments, study materials, videos, PPT will be shared to enhance the practical knowledge.

(v) Internship Calendar is mentioned in the form & students must provide his/her preference of batch. Though, in most cases the selected batch may be allotted, but in case the seat in such batch gets exhausted, alternative would be allotted.


The need base batches are being run as per the need of the Industry and the Academia.


1. For Online Internship (Industry Oriented)

Total to be paid Rs 2,360.00 (Rs 2,000.00 plus 18% GST) per month per student per course.

2. For Offline Internship (Industry Linked)

(A) For one month (in CIDC training center)

(i) Non residential
Total to be paid 11,850.00 (Rs 10,000.00 plus 18% GST)

(ii) Residential
Total to be paid 17,700.00 (Rs 15,000.00 plus 18% GST)

(B) For six months (One month in CIDC training center and Five months in the Industry)

(iii) Non residential
Total to be paid 17,700.00 (Rs 15,000.00 plus 18% GST)

(iv) Residential
Total to be paid 23,600.00 (Rs 20,000.00 plus 18% GST)

THE FEES SHOWN UNDER items (iii) and (iv) are payable to CIDC for only one month physical internship at CIDC Centers, and for the balance duration of deputation at project location, the candidate shall have to bear the expenses for travel, board, and lodge directly, unless sponsored by the company.

Payment Mode:


Name of Account: Construction Industry Development Council Bank Name: The Federal Bank Limited. Bank Branch: Nehru Place, New Delhi-110019. Bank A/c No.:13810100093936 IFSC Code: FDRL0001302 MICR Code: 110049005

(Please upload the proof of payment with the registration form)

Link for registration:

The separate registration is required for each course if anyone wants to join more than one course. The payment shall be made separately for each course.


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Construction Industry Development Council
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