24th AsiaConstruct Conference - Theme Note

The theme of 24th AsiaConstruct Conference is Role of Construction in development of Smart Cities”. The strategic components of area-based development in the Smart Cities are city improvement (retrofitting), city renewal (redevelopment) and city extension (green field development) plus a Pan-city initiative in which Smart Solutions are applied covering larger parts of the city. There are three models of Area-based smart city development:

           1. Retrofitting will introduce planning in an existing built-up area to achieve smart city objectives, along with other objectives, to make the                existing area more efficient and liveable.

           2. Redevelopment will effect a replacement of the existing built-up environment and enable co-creation of a new layout with enhanced                infrastructure using mixed land use and increased density.  For instance, a new layout plan of the identified area will be prepared with                mixed land-use, higher FSI and high ground coverage.

           3. Greenfield development of the vacant area.

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